1. Food is essential to life and the choices we make influence our health & wellbeing strongly in midlife
  2. Our nutritional status contributes to hormonal balance, sleep quality, mood, weight management, gut health, balanced blood sugar, hormonal balance, managing menopausal symptoms, energy to exercise, muscular strength, bone health, brain health, managing later life disease - it’s a huge health factor!
  3. Good gut health and healthy bowel movements are essential at midlife and will contribute to maintaining hormonal balance
  4. Diets and restricting food fail us in the long run!
  5. It is normal to change shape & to gain weight in midlife (especially around our middle) however we can do much to keep this to a healthy minimum
  6. Finding the right exercise plan will support weight management – we all need to add strength/resistance sessions, some exercise with intensity and also with some restorative practices
  7. The Japanese diet is linked with less menopausal symptoms
  8. The Mediterranean way of eating seems to tick the box in terms of menopausal eating!
  9. Explore a plant-based diet – phytoestrogens can be your best friends!
  10. However, remember, one size does not fit all! YOU have to find what works best for YOU.