1. How we exercise in midlife will affect our muscle mass, bone density, how we sleep, our stress levels, mood and energy – get it right and you are on to a winner!
  2. Exercise isn’t all about intensity – this is a time for adding restorative exercise if you haven’t yet done so.
  3. Intense exercise is a stress on our body which adds to the risk of cortisol imbalance.
  4. Strength training, (not necessarily with heavy weights) is top of the list in midlife – it helps us maintain muscle and bone density.
  5. It may be time to change your exercise regime – what you used to do may not suit your needs now and you may need to mix it up more.
  6. Working round injuries and wear and tear can be frustrating but there is always a way!
  7. Exercise can help us reduce menopausal symptoms.
  8. Exercise should never be a chore – find ways to keep moving that you really enjoy or you will never keep it up.
  9. Here’s what we should be including – strength training, something to get your heart rate up, flexibility training, a restorative and relaxing form of exercise, something to challenge your brain and exercises that help you function in your everyday life.
  10. “Movement is improvement” and “motion is lotion” are my two favourite pieces of advice!